Over the years I've bought, sold, and traded a bunch of instruments. Some of the ones that I've let go I'm still kicking myself over. The ones below are the ones that I still have (or will get) and will happily hold on to.

  • Kratzer/Bulldog Mandolins - Seriously good mandolins at an incredibly fair price. I was lucky enough to get my hands on Bulldog #1 (and I'm not going to let go).
  • Nyberg Instruments - Wonderful Bouzoukis, Octave Mandolins, and Citterns. Lawrence is a class act as well. I have one of his carved topped bouzoukis and just love it.
  • Rigel Instruments - Mandolins for people who are not afraid to think outside the box. These instruments are beautiful to look at and easy to play. After having four different Rigels come through the house I finally was able to get my dream G5.
  • Jacobson Instruments - Marty Jacobson is making some beautiful A style mandolins with a lot of custom work. I have one on order and can't wait for a chance to play it.
  • P.W. Crump Co. - Phil Crump is renowned for his Bouzoukis, Octave Mandolins, and Citterns. I have an Octave that was custom built by him. It is a wonderful instrument that gets better every time I play it.